What I do


Clearly my biggest passion is performing all over the world

You can book me in different settings, for more info see “projects”
  • 1 – Soloist with orchestra
  • 2 – v.d. Weerden – von Chossy Duo
  • 3 – Roffa Tango Trio
  • 4 – NAOS Quartet
  • 5 – LocosLindos Tango Quintet


I give bandoneon, accordeon and piano lessons. Also I give tango workshops for your institution or orchestra. For more information about private lessons click here

I teach bandoneon, accordeon and piano to:
  • Children / Adults / Groups
  • Ensemble coaching
  • Argentinean tango workshops / Masterclasses


Since I want to play my own music but also adapt music for the bandoneon I started arranging and later also composing. I do this also commissioned.

I arrange and compose:
  • Any kind of music for different settings
  • To hear my arrangements you can listen to my videos with NAOS quartet at the “media” section

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