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I am Simone van der Weerden, a bandoneon player living in Rotterdam.
I often get the question, how does a Dutch girl coming from a little village in Brabant end up devoting her life to this uncommon instrument? Well, that’s a question with a relatively easy answer.. I got struck by the sound and passion of the bandoneon and wanted to play that myself.


I studied classical accordion at the time but decided to completely switch to bandoneon and start over. I switched schools and started my studies in tango music at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam.
After some hard years of intense practicing and devoting to the instrument I won an international bandoneon solo competition in Germany and graduated cum laude. After that I decided to move to Argentina and dive even deeper into the world of tango.I surround myself with many great bandoneon players and copied their tango culture.
After I came back to the Netherlands I gave many concert with different formations playing tango all over Europe.


Tango was all I did.


Until I thought why should the bandoneon only be heard in tango music? Is that all I want to play? Why not combine it with my love for jazz music? I wanted to see if I could combine these two worlds and create something different. That’s when I started my master studies at the Codarts conservatory and studied only with different jazz teachers. It wasn’t the most easy road but I knew it was the right one.
Eventually I created my own band consisting of three great jazz musicians and myself called NAOS. A new band, a new sound and a new repertoire! I started arranging existing tangos, discovering my own voice and creating room for improvisation. Which ultimately led to writing my own compositions.


In February ’22 I recorded my first album called: ‘In between the Lines’. My debut album as a composer as well as bandleader of a whole new band. I couldn’t be more excited and am looking forward to share my music with you all!


The journey continues and the musical possibilities are endless!

In December ’22 the first album with NAOS was  released! Pre orders for the unique vinyl are now possible by sending an email to me here!

Van der Weerden schreef zelf de composities en arrangementen voor In Between the Lines, een vernieuwend album waarbij de wringende en intense tango klanken hand in hand gaan met de ritmes, improvisaties en losheid van de jazz. Zelf woonde de bandoneonist een tijd in Argentinië, de bakermat van de tango, waar ze de inspiratie vond voor haar debuutalbum. Op zoek naar een bredere context voor haar muziek formeerde Van der Weerden een groep met music uit Nederland, België, Duitsland en Argentinië die samen met haar een opzwepende en innige relatie tussen tango en jazz vertolken.
Simone van der Weerden – bandoneon, Franz von Chossy – piano, Thomas Pol – contrabas, Matthias de Waele – drums, Vincent Houdijk – vibrafoon, Gustavo Cabrera – viool